Who knew it could be this much fun?

Is life not grand? Well, today at least. Here I am sitting in a varsity room with an incredible view of Cape Town whilst listening to Depeche Mode on my Ipod, blogging on internet I don't pay for and drinking a really good decaf cappuccino. And my feet are warm in my favorite shoes.... There is nothing like a little self indulgence once in a while to make life feel filled with pleasure. Although I must be honest, my self indulgence phase has lasted a little longer than anticipated.

Jetting off to London to see DM live 2 weeks ago has left me in holiday mode and day dreaming about Dave. I mean look at him. Just delicious.

A mini movie fest has not helped either and its just going to get worse with the new releases in May. I don't even want to think of the books I am not going to get to, already collecting dust on my bedside table.

Then there is the window shopping. There are such wonderful shops still to discovering here. Antique and book heavenly hideaways in town and in Kalk Bay and funky new retro stores like PopTart in Cavendish Square. They sell movie and music posters (vintage and prints) - an awesome stop before work. Now I just need the large loft apartment to house my choices.

All these distraction are so much fun. Who would have thought?


Karen Little said...

yay! wendy's blog is up and running! now i can add you to my blogroll...

sounds like cape town is excellent - i wish i was there! anyway, i'll see you soon, and hopefully this time next year i'll be living there?

catcha later alligator

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Aah, Cape Town... the closest to Europe Africa will ever get. Funny that it's also the furthest from Northern climes.

I'm still waiting for my dM Remasters to arrive from MuteBank. Damn, I wish they'd hurry up now. Now all I need is a Super Audio CD player. And a dedicated music room in my New York loft conversion.

winewiz said...

Hi Giiiiiiirrrrl;
this is sooooo funky!!....& appreciate this comment as it will take me Xhours to type-ha-ha!
have a disgustingly delicious weekend...(hic!)